First step taken for Fiber to the Home

Tuesday morning a small RST Fiber crew dug a hole next to the Wait Avenue pavement – and set Wake Forest on a path to being the first high-speed fiber optic internet network small town in North Carolina. There was a hastily-called press conference/photo opportunity that brought out Mayor Vivian Jones, Commissioner Zachary Donahue, Deputy Town Manager Roe O’Donnell, Public Information Officer Bill Crabtree, some of the local press and camera crews from at least two Raleigh television stations. Dan Holt, who has been one of the movers and shakers behind the campaign to bring high-speed fiber to the town and is a member of the town’s task force for high-speed fiber, said, “Everything is moving rapidly.” So … [Read More...]


Power buyout will leave debt

The negotiations underway between Duke Energy Progress and the power agency representing Wake Forest and other municipalities will not wipe out all the debt the towns and cities owe for purchasing … [Read More...]


A bit of history: When we had a hospital

Wake Forest is unique in that it can boast of having two hospitals, both of which are long gone and little remembered. (And that is setting aside the years in the 1860s when all the campus buildings and some of the very few … [Read More...]

‘Check out’ at Target to help Erik

Saturday shoppers and those who want to help save a baby’s life can do so by “checking out” at Target on Retail Drive in Wake Forest from 1 to 3 p.m. with the baby’s grandfather, Bob, a Target cashier who has made friends … [Read More...]