Publix coming to Wake Forest – maybe

There will be a Publix grocery store in Wake Forest – and it will be just across Forestville Road from an entrance to the Heritage Station shopping center and the first of the three Harris-Teeter grocery stores in the Wake Forest area. Senior Planner Charlie Yokley said today, Aug. 20, that he had been told he could release the name of the grocery store if anyone asked. A spokesman for Publix refused to confirm that a store is planned in Wake Forest but also did not deny or rule out the possibility and sent the following message: While we continue to seek new store locations in North Carolina, we do not have a store confirmed at this location. As an aside, we require that we have a signed lease before … [Read More...]


Rewrite for the $90,000 grant

Tuesday night the Wake Forest Board of Commissioners had to rewrite the conditions for a $90,000 grant to defense contractor 3Phoenix the board had approved in June. Then the grant was to assist in … [Read More...]


Just 300 feet shy and waiting

Oops! Where's the application? RST Fiber from Shelby remains committed to installing and providing high-speed broadband internet with a fiber cable network in Wake Forest, but it appears their application to the U.S. Army … [Read More...]

Three bond issues on fall ballot

On Nov. 4, on the same day we vote for a new United States senator and representatives along with state and county officials and judges, Wake Forest voters will have a separate ballot asking them to vote on three bond issues … [Read More...]